How does what3words make money?


what3words is free for anyone to use via our app and online map – and it always will be.

However, we do charge certain businesses that benefit commercially from using our products. For example, what3words is built into Mercedes-Benz’s cars to improve their customers’ driving experience, so they pay us for the ability to offer this feature. Similarly, a courier company like DHL pays us whenever a customer uses a what3words address as their delivery location, because it enables them to give a more precise and efficient service.

This is not a new or unusual business model: this is a multi-billion-dollar market today — and it’s growing. The UK’s Royal Mail similarly charges for usage of postcodes, for example, and Google charges their partners for address validation.

We offer free access to emergency services and many NGOs for educational, community and innovative projects. This is so they can continue to use what3words to make a difference, whenever and wherever they need to – with no cost.

You can read more details in this article by our Chief Commercial Officer, Clare Jones.