How are what3words addresses better than regular street addresses?


There are a number of ways a what3words address can be better than a regular street address. Here’s how they differ:

what3words addresses are:

Street addresses are:

✅ Precise to a 3 metre square: so you can talk about exact locations, like a specific building entrance

Often inaccurate and can refer to a whole building or property

✅ Unique: no two what3words addresses are the same

Duplicated, frequently within the same area. There are 14 Church Roads in London alone!

✅ Permanent: our addresses are fixed in place and will never change, helping our system to work on offline devices too

Liable to change as towns and cities develop – which means databases need to be constantly updated

✅ Have global coverage: every 3 metre square on the planet has an address, whether that’s a park bench in Korea or a parking spot in Bolivia

Each country, region and city can have their own system

✅ Available in 60 languages: billions of people can talk about precise locations, anywhere, in their native language

Available only in the local language