Always ask for a 3 word address, whether you're meeting up with friends, or setting up a delivery, or any other activity that involves an address! Send out invitations to friends with the 3 word address as well as the postal address. When you're meeting friends in the park, at a busy station with multiple entrances/exits, or at crowded sporting events, send them a 3 word address instead of long lists of directions. Add your 3 word address to your Twitter page and email signature. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and share the stories that really interest you. Follow us on Instagram and tag your photos with 3 word addresses. Here's our guide to getting the most out of 3 word addresses:

If you can think of a business that would benefit from using us, get in touch with them and say you want them to use what3words. If you know of a use case that would really benefit from 3 word addresses that we aren't involved with yet, drop us a line and we'll pass your ideas on to the team.

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