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We know people make errors sometimes, and what3words is optimised to recognise and correct mistakes by both the sender and receiver of a 3 word address. The what3words AutoSuggest system picks up errors in spelling, typing, speaking, mishearing and misremembering 3 word addresses.

Similar sounding 3 word locations are typically far away from each, so we can use your location to intelligently guess where you meant. With street addresses, similar sounding addresses are near enough to each other that it can be very confusing, and often leads to huge delays whilst people work out what has gone wrong and what the right address actually is.

You can see our AutoSuggest system in action on our website or in our apps, and in some of our partners' apps: when you type in a 3 word address our AutoSuggest system will prompt you with clever suggestions to help you get it right every time.

This blog post explains more about how we handle similar combinations of words.

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