what3words isn’t a navigation app like Google Maps. It’s a global addressing system that makes it simple to communicate exact locations. You can use what3words alongside Google Maps to navigate to precise destinations, and to save and share exact locations faster and more easily than ever before.

Google Maps usually isn’t helpful if you want to navigate directly to a specific building entrance or location in a park. This is because when entering a street address into Google Maps, a pin typically drops in the centre of a building or postcode, rather than an exact location. 

what3words is a really quick and simple way to find, share and save exact locations. The system converts GPS coordinates into 3 word addresses. For our own website and apps, we usually use Google Maps, which means that during a street address search on what3words, Google will point you to where it lies on its map.

Although you can’t yet enter a 3 word address directly into Google Maps, you can find a 3 word address on the what3words app or website and navigate there via Google Maps.

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