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What are the benefits of what3words addresses?
What are the benefits of what3words addresses?
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They’re easy to communicate

what3words addresses are easy to remember and to say over the phone or radio. They’re also quicker and easier to type than a regular street address. They’re designed for speech recognition technology, making them easy to input correctly into voice-enabled devices or vehicles.

You get the correct location every time

Every 3m square in the world has been given a what3words address. The system is fixed and will never change, so what3words can be used reliably offline, without a data connection. Every what3words address is unique, and built-in error prevention helps users to spot and correct any input mistakes.

They’re in your language

what3words addresses have the same simple format worldwide and can be used in over 45 languages to date. This means you can explore Tokyo using addresses in English, for example. A what3words address can be switched instantly into any supported language and even looked up in one language then shared in another. 

They’re easy to integrate into existing technology

what3words addresses convert to GPS coordinates, providing a human-friendly way to give accurate location information to systems and platforms, from e-commerce checkouts and navigation apps to emergency command and control systems.

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