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To use our online map at what3words.com, you need to give access to your device’s location information. If the site has been prevented from accessing that information, or location services are disabled altogether, you will get an error message asking you to turn location services on.

Access to location can be granted or restricted at the following levels:

  • Website: location permissions for what3words.com in the browser

  • Browser app: location permissions for your browser (Safari, Chrome, etc.)

  • Operating system: general location services/GPS settings on your device

The steps you need to follow will depend on which level access has been restricted at, and which browser you’re using.

1. Enabling location access for what3words.com

If you have previously disabled access to location (via permission pop-up), you can enable it again in a few easy steps:

On Chrome browsers:

  1. Click the padlock icon next to the search bar and select ‘Site settings’

  2. Click ‘Location’ and set option to ‘Allow’

On Safari browsers:

  1. Click ‘Safari’ then select ‘Settings for This Website’

  2. Click ‘Location’ and set the option to ‘Allow’

2. Enabling location access for your browser

If you haven’t allowed your browser to access location services, then you will need to change the permissions:

On Android devices:

Within your settings, find the list of installed apps, select the browser you use to browse the internet e.g. Chrome, Firefox, and enable access to location.

On iOS devices:

Open ‘Settings’ and tap ‘Privacy’. Check that the permissions for your browser are set to ‘While Using’.

3. Enable location access on your operating system

If the location services or GPS settings on your device are switched off, you’ll need to enable them.

On Android devices:

Within your settings, search for ‘Location’ or check the menu options related to privacy and security to enable access to location on your device.

On iOS devices

Open Settings and tap ‘Privacy’. Toggle on ‘Location Services’. You may need to scroll to what3words and check that 'Always' or 'While Using' are displayed.

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