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UK courier company Hermes accepts what3words addresses from delivery customers. It helps drivers find homes and businesses more easily, and enables delivery to very precise locations such as specific entrances, sheds or a hidden spot in the garden.

To let Hermes know exactly where to deliver your orders, download the Hermes app and add your what3words address to your profile.

How do I add my what3words address to my Hermes account information?

Open the Hermes app, tap ‘More’ in the bottom right-hand corner, then select ‘My places’. You can then add a what3words address to your existing ‘Home’ location, or add a ’Home’ address for the first time and include its what3words address under ‘Precise location’. Make sure you put a dot between each word, and no spaces.

Watch a how-to video here.

How will Hermes use my what3words address?

While you may not be asked for what3words at checkout, when you place an order with any company that uses Hermes, what3words can be used to help the courier find you.

You need to have downloaded the Hermes app and added your what3words address to your ‘Home’ location. As long as the street address you entered at checkout matches this ‘Home’ address, the what3words address will be passed to the courier assigned to your delivery.

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