Add a what3words address to a photo
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The in-app photo feature makes it easy to take a photo and immediately add a what3words address sticker, or to add a sticker to a photo you’ve taken previously. It means you can share that photo with anyone, and they’ll know exactly where it was taken.

1. Open the app menu, tap Photo mode and take a photo. If you need to select a different location, tap the pin icon and select the square you need to update the what3words address on your photo.

2. Use the icons on the side to change the colour and style of the what3words address sticker. Drag the sticker with your finger to move it, and use a pinching motion to resize it.

3. Once you’re happy, tap the download icon to save the photo to your phone, or tap the share icon and select which app you’d like to share with.

Tip: To add a what3words address sticker to an existing photo, tap the menu icon in the top corner of your screen and select Import a photo. The app uses the photo’s geolocation information to display the what3words address.

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