Lists are an easy way to share recommendations and useful locations with friends, family, hobby groups and teams. Lists can be collections of similar locations, routes, itineraries, or hidden gems found on a trip.

How to share a list using the what3words app

  1. Open the app menu, then select Saved Locations.

  2. Select the list you'd like to share, then tap the three dots at the top and select Share list. Alternatively, you can share a copy of the list by selecting 'Send a copy'.

  3. Choose a sharing option.

  4. Tap the link to copy it, or use the Share button to see sharing options.

Tip: if you selected Added emails only, type in the emails of the people you'd like to share the list with, then share the generated link with the people whose emails you've added. They won’t receive an email from us, so make sure you send the link to everyone you’ve added.

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