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With a what3words address, you can specify an exact entrance, drop-off point, or any 3m x 3m location for your deliveries. It’s much more precise than a street address which identifies an entire building, helps couriers know exactly where to go, and makes deliveries more reliable.

How do I use what3words for deliveries?

At checkout

Enter your delivery what3words address when you see what3words address box on an online checkout page

In the delivery notes

If there is no what3words box at checkout, add the what3words address in the delivery notes or instructions box.

Over the phone

When you order over the phone or a courier calls asking for directions, give them the 3 words.

On your delivery apps

In the UK, widely-used logistic companies have adopted what3words. You can add a what3words address to your delivery information on the DPD app, DHL Parcel app and Evri app (formerly Hermes).

Tip: Don’t forget the dots between the words, for example ///filled.count.soap

What’s the address of my delivery location?

Follow these step-by-step instructions to find the what3words address for your exact delivery location.

When you enter your street address or postcode, a square will be highlighted on the map. You can select a different one: make sure it’s the square for the specific entrance or spot on the driveway where you want your parcels to be dropped off.

Which companies deliver to what3words addresses?

Many logistics providers and retailers around the world accept what3words addresses: check out the full list.

If your chosen retailer or delivery service doesn’t use what3words addresses yet, we still encourage you to include one in the delivery information as many couriers find it useful and use the app independently.

Can what3words track my parcel?

No, what3words is not a delivery service and doesn't track parcels. When you enter a what3words address at checkout, carriers and retailers use it to optimise their route and know exactly where to deliver your parcel. It works just like a street address and is not directly involved in your deliveries. If you have a question about an order please get in touch with the carrier or retailer directly!

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