How can I use what3words with Wear OS?
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Check out our video on how you can use what3words on your Wear OS device.

Here's some of our common FAQs to help you use the feature.

My compass is pointing the wrong way, how can I improve its accuracy?
Unfortunately, compass relies on built-in chips in your device, so there is no easy way to improve its accuracy. You could try making a figure of eight on a horizontal plane with your device to help it identify its orientation, but this is not a guaranteed fix.

Can I share a what3words address from the watch to Whatsapp and other messaging apps?
Currently, the Share function on the Wear OS app allows you to launch the share options on the connected phone only. Once Wear OS supports Share function on the watch then it will be possible without the connected phone.

Can I navigate on the watch with other navigation apps on my watch?
Currently, the Navigate function on the Wear OS app only works with Google Maps..

How do I access my Saved Locations on my watch?
Make sure your Wear OS device is connected to a phone, and that you’re logged into your account in the what3words app on that phone. Then, on the Wear OS device, open the what3words app and tap ‘Saved Locations’.

What version of Wear OS do I need to run this on my watch?
Your watch needs to be running Wear OS 3 +.

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